Monday, July 30, 2007

A Day at the Zoo...

Lappet-Faced VultureI took our almost-12-year-old nephew Josh, a budding nature photographer, to the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore last weekend - I haven't been their since our own kids were younger than Josh. My brother Mark (Josh's dad) decided to come at the last minute, and we had a great boys' day out, roaming around the zoo and photographing the animals.

Of about 80 or so shots I took, most were for the birds, but some photos I took of some birds turned out pretty good. The best was this one of a handsome Lappet-Faced Vulture (Aegypius tracheliotus). This bird, an old-world vulture, is in the African exhibit at the Zoo. He was kind enough to sit still for me while I composed the photo. Who knew that a vulture could be so good-looking?

Mark Rosenbach - Lion of BaltimoreJosh, at almost twelve, is a little to sophisticated to fall for the various kids' stuff spread around the zoo, but 47-year-old dad Mark and his 57-year-old brother me couldn't resist a little childish fooling around. Here is Mark doing a wonderful job posing as a lion.

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