Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Joe McNally

What are you going to do tonight? You can waste an hour watching Rock Star Supernova on CBS, or you could learn something.

How about spending 70 minutes with a YouTube video? The time will go by really fast, and what you see and learn will make a much bigger and more important impression on you than anything you could possibly see on network or cable tv tonight.

This video of Joe McNally is part of the Authors@Google series. Google invites authors to visit and speak at their Mountainview, CA campus for the benefit of their employees. In this case, McNally, a top-flight photographer for more than 30 years, had just released a new book, The Moment It Clicks: Photography secrets from one of the world's top shooters.

I hadn't heard of McNally before tonight, but it turns out that he's a charming and engaging speaker. Moreover, his photos do live up to his billing. He seems to have a very good sense of humor, which shows up in a lot of his photos.

Check him out by clicking on the YouTube video above. If you aren't hooked in the first five minutes enough to stay for the whole video, I'll be surprised.

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