Friday, August 1, 2008

Self-Publishing with MyPublisher

Thanks once again to Dave Beckerman for showing the way! In his blog, Dave has chronicled his adventures with publish-on-demand photo books. He tried several and found that MyPublisher did a very good job. You can see an online version of his very fine new book, Central Park Portrait, via MyPublisher's preview facility.

I just placed my order with MyPublisher late last night, so I haven't seen the physical results yet, but you can take a peek by clicking on the photo below.

If it comes out looking anything like this online preview, I'll be very happy indeed!

I encourage all of you to try this out. MyPublisher gives you free software to help you layout your masterpiece. There are several templates and other options. It doesn't even have to be for a collection of artsy-fartsy photos - this would make a great souvenir of a family vacation. In fact, MyPublisher right now is offering a two-for-one deal; for the price of one, you'll get two copies of your first book. The website explains it all - check it out at

1 comment:

Dave Beckerman said...

I was really happy with the one that I did in b&w which I think is even more difficult to get right for POD.