Friday, May 8, 2009

Ye Olde Hippie Emporium

Ye Olde Hippie Emporium - Clarksdale AZSandy & I did a double-take as we drove by this shop in Clarksdale on the way to visiting some Sinagua Indian ruins. I had to stop the car and walk back to check out the shop.

It's full of really nice Native American arts and crafts as well as vintage and "new vintage" Summer-of-Love-type clothing. The back room has shelves full of New Age books, and the smell of burning incense brings you right back to 1969 (frankly, not my favorite time, but the cheeriness of the store and its owner Randy Justis make up for it.)


The Urban Perspective said...

Great find with this Steve!! Sometimes when I'm driving along and see something, I'll turn the car around and go back just to get the shot. Guess that's the photographer in us LOL!! I was only 3yrs old in 1969 but from reading history, I can imagine the turmoil of the times, especially with Vietnam,hippies and Civil Rights movement brewing.

Anonymous said...

I stopped there today, very disappointing , the two saleswomen were outright rude, not someplace I wil shop again.