Monday, April 25, 2011

A New Blog Format for 2nd Exposure: Last Post on Blogger..

2nd Exposure is moving to a more feature-filled, WordPress-based blog!

The new web address is

Also, please visit my new website with galleries and photo store at


Kitty said...

Hi there!
You might want to correct your links, which don't direct to your other blog. Also you ought to add your other blog to your blogger page.
I look forward to checking out your photos!

Steve Rosenbach said...

Thanks, Kitty - I took your advice on both counts.

I found your blog via Google Reader - I just noticed this little feature called "Recommended Sources" - I clicked on it, and there were a few links for blogs Google Reader thought I might like, including yours. I'm very glad for that, as I spent about a half-hour last night reading many of your posts, which I found very enjoyable!

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