Wednesday, August 29, 2007

"The B & B Talk Show"

Sandy was doing some VHS archeology today - she wants to take our 25 years of family videos and transfer them to DVD - a great idea.

I picked up one of the ancient tapes and suddenly there was our son Ben and his friend-from-birth and next-door-neighbor Bryan, ten years ago at age 11.

Trained by me from a young age to be a wise-guy, Ben and Brian were performing their long-running "B & B Talk Show." They were two talented kids even back then. Bryan was already a pretty good pianist, and Ben was learning a lot from him.

Most of the "show" was just what you'd expect from two kids this age, a lot of lame jokes and shennanigans - probably not of much interest to anyone but me, my family, and Bryan's family.

One thing I noticed is that Ben was already working on his "Hey Kids!" expression (see the fourth photo below.)

At one point, the video jumped ahead four years to Ben & Bryan doing a 15-year-old's version of B & B Talk Show. By now, Bryan was an accomplished keyboardist, guitarist, and drummer. Ben had also become a darn good guitarist and was getting up to speed on drums as well.

Suddenly, as if in a time warp, the scene before me was once again Ben and Bryan at age 11, brandishing "swords" and nunchucks (I think Sandy had transferred 8mm video to VHS and happened to get some segments out of order.)

To see what Ben looks like today (or at least a few months ago,) see this post.

Meanwhile, maybe I can prevail on these two clowns to do an updated B & B Talk Show for YouTube.

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