Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tech Tuesday: Why Digital Camera Images Aren't Sharp Out of the Camera

When I was scanning the web for ideas on this weeks' Tech Tuesday post, I ran across this already-made-up excellent explanation of why digital camera images are not sharp right out of the camera. You can see it here at Ken Rockwell's excellent web site. The technical reason is something called Bayer interpolation, which Ken explains very well, or at least in more than enough detail for me.

It tend to check in with Ken's 'What's New' section at least every few days - he usually has something interesting to say or to explain, and I like his humorous writing style.

I got away without writing my own Tech Tuesday post today, but I guess I can't get away without posting one of my own photos. How about this one, from our photo meetup this past Saturday at Arlington National Cemetery?
Sargent Inspects Guard - Arlington National Cemetery

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