Monday, February 16, 2009


NomikiNomiki has the best food and nicest personality of any of the lunch wagons on the University of Maryland Baltimore campus. You'll find her every weekday at the corner of Lombard and Penn. Fortunately for me and my co-workers, less than a block from our office.

Great breakfast too... come hungry!


Warren T. said...

Nice shot, Steve. Just one thing I wanted to mention, the subject's hand looks HUGE! What lens or focal length were you using? Just curious.


Steve Rosenbach said...

oh my goodness! Thanks for noticing - I totally missed that. I'll have to check the focal length - it was with my "kit" zoom 18-55mm - I'll bet I was towards the wide end.

I'll have to reshoot this by backing up and using a short-tele setting.