Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shutterbug Excursions at National Harbor

Shutterbug Excursions and the Great ToeI had to get up at Oh-Dark-Thirty this morning in order to get to National Harbor, but a chance to hang out with my Shutterbug Excursions gang is always worth it.

To tell you the truth, while the new National Harbor is nice enough, I wasn't really all that photographically inspired there this morning. On the other hand, I had a lot of fun with the gang, as always.

Steve Rosenbach with Leica iiic... again!After shooting in the cold for about 1-1/2 hours, our gang regrouped at a nearby coffee shop, where we took over all the sofas and big cushy chairs. Jim B had been shooting with a nifty pair of 1950's-vintage German rangefinders (a Voigtlander and an Agfa,) but when he pulled this Leica iiic out of a pocket, I just had to have my picture taken with it.

Brought back good memories.

Our group is really growing, with over 200 members now signed up. Most have not attended one of our meetups yet, but we seem to be attracting a lot of attention. Today's meetup drew fourteen photographers, and we've had more than 20 on several occassions. That's not bad for a group that just came into existance last July.

Despite the cold weather, February is a busy month for us. Last week, we went to the Chinese New Year Parade in DC, and next week, we're going to the National Zoo.

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