Monday, March 2, 2009

Liberty For Sale

Liberty for SaleIn most ways, it's a typical Times-Square area New York gift shop, full of I Love NYC ball caps, eight sizes of Empire State Building souvenir ornaments, and racks of Obama-Yes We Can! t-shirts.

But what distinguished this little shop was the just-about-person-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty, made from oak with a realistic copper patina and gold-leaf torch flame.

For sale!

At an appropriately recession-worthy price, too - I mean, wouldn't you like to have a Statue of Liberty in your home for only $1500?

By way of explanation, I took this photo yesterday on 8th Avenue near 45th Street waiting for our son Ben to join us for lunch. We were all going to see the matineé of the musical Avenue Q.

Camera-wise, I used a disappear-in-your-pocket Canon SD400 that I inherited from daughter Leah - she just replaced it with a spiffy Canon SD880IS.

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